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Detailed Breakdown of Features

Assets Stripe

Answers the question:  What did I send with my release?

  • Here you will see all assets that you distributed along with your release.  Asset types possible include images, videos, audio files and documents.
Distribution Stripe

Answers the question:  Where did my release appear online?

  • Websites:  The number of online postings for your release retrieved from PR Newswire's online network.
  • Total potential audience:  The total visitors per day for websites your release was posted on (measured by comScore.)


Traffic stripe

Answers the question:  What traffic did my release generate?

  • Release views:  Views of your release on our websites and our network.
  • Video views:  Views of your video.
  • Image views:  Views of images with this release.
  • Audio views:  Plays of your audio files.
  • Document downloads:  Total document downloads.
Audience Stripe

Answers the question:  Who are the audiences viewing my release?

  • Media views:  Views from PR Newswire for Journalists. (A subset of Release Views).
  • Organization views:  Views from organizations identified using the visitor's IP address. (A subset of Release Views).
  • Investor views:  Views from the Thomson Reuters network.  (A subset of Release Views).
Engagement stripe

Answers the question:  How are people engaging with my release?

  • Total Engagement Actions:   The total click-throughs, shares, tweets and downloads for your release.
  • Click-throughs:  Total clicks to links in your release on our websites.
  • Shares:  The number of shares from our websites, such as shares to Twitter, Facebook, via email, etc.
  • Tweets:  The number of tweets linking to your release on our websites.
  • Downloads:  Total downloads for all files and documents in your release.
Industry Benchmarks Stripe

Answers the question:  How did my release perform in comparison with others?  On a scale of 1 - 100, Industry Benchmarks provide insight into how this release performed compared to other similar releases.

  • Distribution:  Based on the number of websites and their audience.
  • Traffic:  Based on views & plays of your release and any assets, and web crawler hits.
  • Audience:  Based on media and, where relevant, investor views.
  • Total Visibility Index (TVI):  The average of Distribution, Traffic and Audience.
  • Engagement  Index:  Based on the click-throughs, tweets, shares and, where relevant, document downloads.


*For a fuller discussion of Industry Benchmarks, go to the Industry Benchmarks section of the Release Summary page here on the Help site.

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