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Detailed Breakdown of Features


Stat Tiles
  • Websites: The number of online postings for your release retrieved from PR Newswire's online network.
  • Total Potential Audience:  The average total visitors per day for websites your release was posted on (measured by comScore).
Distribution Summary

See the types of websites your release posted to, and the industries they cover.  

  • As with all graphs and charts in Visibility Reports, you can click on elements in the legend to remove elements and reconstitute each graph based on the variables you select.
  • You can also export each chart separately in a variety of formats for easy inclusion in custom reports.
Distribution Details

The details of each component of your online distribution.


See the tweets we post for you when you distribute your release via SocialPost.

What is SocialPostTM?
SocialPost adds effective Twitter and Facebook distribution to the most established and largest news distribution network in the industry, enabling you to more reliably reach your target audience, wherever they are.  
SocialPost tweets your message to followers of industry-specific accounts and @PRNalert. Most of our Twitter accounts are curated by PR Newswire staff who engage influencers and build community. Tweets are sent to up to four PR Newswire accounts in two hour intervals immediately after a release posts to PRNewswire.com, maximizing the press release's visibility on Twitter and in search engines. 


What are Impressions in my SocialPost report?

Your SocialPost's Impressions are the total potential audience for the post, made up of the followers of each SocialPost account that tweeted your press release and the followers of others retweeting it.

What are the SocialPost Audience and Total Audience numbers?

SocialPost Audience is the total followers of the SocialPost accounts that tweeted your press release. The Total Audience for your SocialPost is the total followers of all accounts that tweeted or retweeted your release.

Call our Customer Content Services team (+1-888-776-0942) to find out how to add this distribution to your next release!

Times Square Snapshot

Webcam snapshot(s) of your image as it appeared in Times Square. Each snapshot represents a 15-second appearance on the sign. 

Which photo products include distribution to the Times Square billboard?

Contact our Customer Content Services team (+1-888-776-0942) to find out more about PR Newswire's Times Square photo distribution.

When will my Times Square webcam snapshots be available in Visibility Reports?

The standard snapshot delivery time is 5 business days.

How can I download my Times Square webcam snapshots?

When viewing your Times Square snapshots, you can download the images individually by right-clicking (PC) or control-clicking (Mac) on each image. You should then select the option to save the file to your computer.   Please note that webcam snapshots are added to your report 5 business days after your distribution date.

How can I share my Times Square webcam snapshots with users that aren’t logged in to Visibility Reports?

At the top right of the Images tab, you will see the option to Print, Email, and Download the Images section of the report. This will allow you to share the content of the Images tab (including the Times Square snapshots) with users that are not logged in to Visibility Reports. 



Online Distribution

The details of each site that posted your release.  The Online Distribution table shows you how many release postings to our syndicated network were captured in your report.  You can also see your total potential audience for these sites, measured in Visitors per Day.

Filter your links by the location, industry, media type or visitors per day to the website that posted your release!

Our visitors per day data is sourced from comScore, Inc., an Internet analytics company providing data and analytics to many of the world's largest enterprises, agencies and publishers.

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